THINKWARE CONNECTED is the control-integrating service that enables an easy connection with dash cams, providing stable and uninterrupted data communication.
You can now manage real-time vehicles efficiently, by monitoring road conditions and corporate vehicle operation status.
With THINKWARE CONNECTED, easy and efficient vehicle management is available.

01 Monitor vehicles en route

Now you can check the vehicles' current location and path history, with detailed information (by trip, date, etc.)

02 Geofence Setup & find out vehicles' in & out history

Manage your vehicles' entry and exit history of geologically encircled areas.

03 Collect dash cam videos

Discover the most optimized vehicle routes,
save fuel, and maintain driving comfort while avoiding traffic jams.


THINKWARE CONNECTED, everything on the roads.


  1. Possible extra fuel charge and traffic fines

  2. Possible mixing corporate and non-business purposed vehicles

  3. Possible handwriting of vehicle logs

  4. Possible latency time on vehicle damage detection


  1. Remain fuel-efficient & prevent fines
    by analyzing driving behaviors

  2. Pre-block non-business fleet operations available

  3. Prevent unnecessary time loss by
    automatic log-recording feature

  4. Get informed when the vehicles face issues in real time